The North Dakota State Chapter of Pilots for Christ, International provides free local (usually less that 200 miles) air transportation in small private aircraft in response to ministry support, prison visitations, health care and other compelling human needs.   Our volunteer members are private pilots who use their own aircraft. There is never a fee of any kind. The costs are paid by the volunteer pilots.  If you need local air transportation related to ministry support, prison visitations, health care or other compelling human needs, we encourage you to contact us.   There are certain requirements and pre-requisites. Read them over before contacting us! This will help our volunteers from having to field unnecessary calls.

Applicant’s Pre-Requisites:

  • Distance:
    Pilots for Christ, North Dakota State Chapter provides flights that are generally less than 200 miles in length. Flights are generally limited to within North Dakota and surrounding states, with some flights to adjacent metropolitan areas of other states. For example, a Fargo to Minneapolis flight would be possible: however, a Fargo to Boston flight would NOT be possible.
  • What to Expect:
    Normally flights are conducted in visual flying conditions, so low clouds or stormy weather can cause cancellation or delay of a flight. Please have a backup plan ready if the flight is canceled.  Flights are flown at relatively low altitudes so significant turbulence can be expected.  If you are subject to motion sickness, please plan accordingly by taking appropriate medication prior to the flight.
  • Advance Notice:
    Under most circumstances, you must schedule a flight at least five working days in advance. In some cases we can accommodate shorter lead-times, but we cannot guarantee finding a pilot under those circumstances.
  • Financial Need:
    We will provide transportation to meet a variety of needs, but there must ordinarily be a financial need on the part of the recipient. Remember that our pilots are volunteers, and they are making a substantial financial contribution (sometimes as much as $500-$1,000 for one flight) in addition to their time, so please be aware that the flight should be for a charitable cause. There may also be some reason why private aircraft is the only option over commercial transportation: for example, if an individual lives in a rural area without easy access to commercial transportation, or if a person is highly susceptible to infection and cannot be exposed to crowds.
  • Liability Waiver & Release:
    Passengers must agree to a WAIVER, RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT.   The form must be signed by both the passenger and pilot and received by our flight coordinator before a flight can take place.

For Medical Related Flights:

  • Medical Condition:
    Passengers must be medically stable, ambulatory, and be able to sit up in an airplane seat for the duration of the flight. Our pilots are not medically trained. Pilots for Christ is not an air ambulance service.
  • Medical Release form Physician:
    Passengers will be required to provide a medical release signed by a physician indicating that the passenger is in a satisfactory and stable medical condition to take the flight.

If you meet the criteria above, and you feel you have a compelling need which could be met through local air transportation, please contact us.

Flight Coordinator: