Pilots For Christ is a non-denominational ministry of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, dedicated to the promotion of the Gospel through aviation. The first North Dakota Member will be John Timothy Rice. Our Chapter will be named in his honor and for the Glory of God. We ask that you join us in serving in the Lord’s Air Force.

  • Pilots
    Pilots who meet the qualification guidelines of Pilots for Christ International (including membership in our organization), and who have access to an aircraft, may volunteer to serve the Lord by flying missions of mercy through PCI.
  • Mission Assistants
    Mission Assistants provide inflight support and comfort to the passengers while ensuring the pilot is not distracted by in cabin activities unrelated to the aircrafft operations. These unique servants might be nurses or child care providers who serve the Lord by caring for the needs of the passengers.
  • GPS
    Typically GPS stands for Global Positioning Systems. In the case of Pilots for Christ, it stands for our prayer warriors engaged in the “Global Prayer Support” or GPS Ministry of PCI. These individuals pray every time a flight lifts off so that each flight is lifted up for mercy, safety and protection.
  • Flight Coordinators
    Flight Coordinators are the logistical geniuses who get people from point A to point B using skill and gifts from others. These are the folks who triage requests and get people across the country using their best efforts to fill each and every viable need.  In some one else’s words; “They do everything with nothing!”
  • Ground Transport
    Pilots can really only land at airports. Sometimes with poor weather we cannot even do that! So ground forces are at the ready to transport needy individuals around the county or the country just to show the love of Jesus. Without our ground forces we have no reason to go to the airport!

Possible Pilots for Christ Missions might include:

  • Transporting patients and relatives to and from medical facilities.
  • Transporting medical supplies
  • Transporting ministers to mission stations.
  • Transporting others in need of charity transportation

How to volunteer:
If you are not already a member of Pilots for Christ International, join the organization. If you are a member of Pilots for Christ International, contact your North Dakota Flight Coordinator. Pilots for Christ International does not assign flights to pilots who are not members of the organization.